Can Keratoconus Be Prevented?

Can Keratoconus Be Prevented?

Can Keratoconus Be Prevented?

Imagine waking up one day and finding your vision blurry. Objects look distorted, lights have halos, and your eyes feel unusually sensitive. These could be signs of keratoconus. This progressive eye condition affects the shape of your cornea. But can you stop it before it starts?

What Is Keratoconus?

Picture your cornea — the clear front part of your eye. Normally, it has a dome shape. With keratoconus, that dome starts to thin out and bulge, becoming more cone-shaped. This change affects how your eye focuses light, leading to blurry or distorted vision.

Can You Prevent Keratoconus?

There is no surefire way to prevent keratoconus completely. Some people are just more likely to get it due to their genes or other factors. But do not lose hope. While you cannot guarantee you will never get keratoconus, you can take steps to lower your risk and protect your eyes.

Avoid Constant Eye-Rubbing

Have you ever had an itchy eye and found yourself rubbing it? It feels so good in the moment, but aggressive eye rubbing might increase your risk of keratoconus. Some experts think that constant rubbing could weaken the cornea over time. So, try to resist the urge to rub. Instead, use artificial tears or a cool compress to soothe the itch.


Do you suffer from allergies? Those itchy, watery eyes might be doing more than just annoying you. Allergies can make your eyes itchy, tempting you to rub them more. Plus, the inflammation from allergies might contribute to corneal changes. Managing your allergies with medication or avoiding triggers could help protect your eyes.

UV Protection

Do you know how the sun can damage your skin? Well, it can harm your eyes, too. While it is not definitive if UV rays directly cause keratoconus, protecting your eyes from the sun is always a good idea. Grab a pair of sunglasses that block UV rays. It is even better if they wrap around to protect your eyes from all angles.

Healthy Habits for Happy Eyes

Taking care of your overall health can help keep your eyes in top shape, too. Here are some habits that might help:

  • Eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins A, C, and E.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Do not smoke (or quit if you do).
  • Exercise regularly.

These habits support your eye health and might help keep your corneas strong.

Mind Your Contact Lenses

If you wear contact lenses, ensure you are using them correctly. Ill-fitting contacts or leaving them in too long can irritate your eyes and potentially increase your risk of eye problems. Always follow your eye doctor’s instructions for contact lens care.


Regular Eye Exams

One of the best things you can do to catch keratoconus early or prevent it from worsening is to have regular eye exams. Your eye doctor can spot early signs of the condition before you notice any symptoms. Early detection means earlier treatment. This can help slow or stop the progression of keratoconus.

While you cannot guarantee 100% prevention of keratoconus, there is plenty you can do to lower your risk and keep your eyes healthy. Be gentle with your eyes, protect them from the sun, maintain healthy habits, and stay on top of those regular eye checkups.

For more information on keratoconus, visit Gregg Family Eye Care at our North Wales or Secane, Pennsylvania, offices. Call (215) 699-2020 or (610) 831-4300 to schedule an appointment today.

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