How to Care for Your Eyes in the Digital Age

How to Care for Your Eyes in the Digital Age

How to Care for Your Eyes in the Digital Age

Digital devices have made life easier and more convenient. You can do almost everything with it, from watching movies, playing games, reading, communicating with friends, and even doing your work. Since you can do nearly anything on your digital device, it’s easy to spend hours glued to the screen. Unfortunately, this habit is not good for your eyes.



The Risk of Developing Computer Vision Syndrome



Have you ever experienced headaches and blurry vision after staring at your screen for hours? Do your eyes sting or feel dry? These are symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS), also called digital eye strain. CVS occurs because of excessive screen time.


When you scroll, play, or read something on a screen, you blink less than normal, which is 15-20 times a minute. Blinking is important because it keeps your eyes wet by spreading tears evenly. Blinking less can result in dry and irritated eyes, which contributes to digital eye strain.

Digital eye strain does not last long, but it can be uncomfortable.



Ways to Protect Your Eyes When Using Digital Devices



While the use of digital devices does not cause serious eye problems, it is still best to take precautions. Protect your eyes by following the tips below:



Don’t Forget to Blink



Studies have found that people using digital screen devices only blink 5-7 times a minute. Blinking is essential, so make a conscious effort to blink frequently.



Use Artificial Tears



As mentioned above, staring at screens reduces a human’s blink rate. It can cause dry eyes. Artificial tears are eye drops designed to lubricate your eyes, and you can purchase them without a prescription.



Follow the 20-20-20 Rule



Take a break every 20 minutes and look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Do not worry about not getting the distance right. Just find something you think is far away. Look at it for 20 seconds — it is the amount of time your eyes need to relax completely.



Wear Eyeglasses



If you need corrective devices for your eyes, use eyeglasses instead of contact lenses when working on a computer, tablet, or any screen for long periods. Contact lenses can increase your eye dryness and irritation.



Invest in a Matte Screen Filter



Most devices have glass screens, which can cause glare. Glare can cause eye strain, irritation, and overall eye discomfort. A matte screen filter helps cut glare.



Adjust Your Screen’s Brightness



The brightness of your screen should match your surroundings. It helps reduce eye strain.



Keep Your Distance from the Computer Screen



The screen should be at arm’s length or 25 inches away from your face. It should be a little bit below eye level as well.



Use a Humidifier



Exposure to a humid environment could also harm your eyes because tears are likely to evaporate quickly. So, use a humidifier if you are in a warm and dry room.



Schedule a Comprehensive Eye Exam



By scheduling comprehensive eye exams, you will have useful information about your eye health. Your eye doctor will be able to spot signs of eye problems as well. So, you can take preventive measures and protect your eyes.


Digital devices are part of modern life. You do not have to cut out your screen time. You only have to make a few changes to how you use your gadgets to protect your eyes.


For comprehensive eye care, visit Gregg Family Eye Care in Secane or North Wales, Pennsylvania. Set an appointment online or call our offices at (610) 831-4300 or (215) 699-2020.

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