Importance of Regular Eye Exams

Importance of Regular Eye Exams

Importance of Regular Eye Exams

Scheduling regular visits to the eye doctor is a vital part of taking care of your overall health. Most people assume that their vision is fine because they can see, but a visit to the eye doctor can reveal otherwise. Regular exams help eye doctors detect eye diseases early, which will lead to early treatment and preservation of vision. 


Here is information to help you understand the importance of regular eye exams. 


Getting Vision Correction


Studies have shown that millions of children and adults alike require vision correction. As a result, improving eyesight helps them enhance their quality of life. 


Myopia is a common issue that lenses, surgery, and medication can correct. People with myopia who need vision correction should get regular eye testing to update the lens prescription.


Detecting Eye Diseases


Many eye diseases are hard to detect because some do not have early symptoms, so they continue to worsen over time. A comprehensive eye exam can help detect diseases in their early stages. This is the time when vision-saving treatment is most effective. During an eye exam, the specialist will test visual acuity, eye alignment, eye movement, and depth perception. 


Common Eye Diseases


Getting regular eye exams can help change lives because early treatment can prevent vision loss or total blindness. Common eye diseases that eye doctors can detect and treat include age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy. 


If detected early, treatment is effective and can prevent or slow down vision loss. Of the millions of people at risk of vision loss, less than half get regular eye exams. 


Signs of Health Problems


During the appointment, the specialist may conduct a dilated eye exam to detect signs of eye health complications. They may apply eye drops to the eyes to make the pupils larger, which allows the doctor to see clearly inside the eye. The specialist can then spot conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure before the diseases manifest. 


Eye Exams for Children


Concerning eye exams, it is vital to start early. While it is true that most people develop vision problems with age, many eye conditions start early. Therefore, children need regular exams to ensure that their eyes develop well and they enjoy healthy vision. 


Diagnosing eye diseases in childhood can help prevent future eye complications and contribute to a healthy education and social life. 


How Often to Get Eye Exams


The frequency of eye exams will depend on age and the patient’s current eye health. Children should get eye exams before starting school and every two years after that. However, those who have vision problems should get annual eye exams. 


Older adults should schedule regular eye exams to check the development of age-related eye issues. Those with a high risk of developing certain eye diseases need annual exams.


Keep track of any changes in your vision because protecting your eye health will help enhance your overall wellness. If you experience any eye issues, contact your eye doctor immediately. 


For more on the importance of regular eye exams, call Gregg Family Eye Care at (610) 831-4300 to reach our office in Secane, Pennsylvania.

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