Managing Dry Eye During the Fall

Managing Dry Eye During the Fall

Managing Dry Eye During the Fall

Cooler fall days provide the opportunity to spend more hours outdoors enjoying the beautiful environment. Fall activities, such as yard work, camping, and spending time around fire pits, can be disastrous for the eyes. 


Unfortunately, you may spend time indoors when you would rather be outside if you suffer from dry eyes. Experiencing red, gritty, and irritated eyes can ruin your season. Fortunately, there are things you can do to get relief. 



Embrace a Healthy Diet



Changing your diet can help prevent dry eye this fall. Increase your fish intake and benefit from omega-3 fatty acids that help enhance healthy eye oil film. Essential fatty acids available in fish oil have anti-inflammatory benefits that can help treat dry eye. It would help to increase your intake of nuts, eggs, and plant-based whole foods. 



Using a Humidifier and Filter



Keeping indoor air clean and moist can help ease dry eye symptoms. Dry air, smoke, and wind can exacerbate dry eye by increasing tear evaporation. Investing in a humidifier can help keep your home comfortable by adding humidity. You should also use an air filter and adjust the indoor temperature to enhance comfort during the dry season. 



Keeping Your Eyes Lubricated



You can keep your eyes lubricated using artificial tears. Applying preservative-free eye drops can help prevent dry eye by maintaining moisture. Apart from keeping the eyes lubricated, some artificial tears also contain healing properties. They can help prevent fast tear evaporation. Talk to your eye doctor about the best eye drops for your condition. 



Drink Plenty of Water



Staying hydrated is an excellent way to keep your eyes healthy and lubricated. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially outdoors. Limit your intake of beverages such as coffee that can cause dehydration. Try to remain indoors when the winds are excessive or when it is dusty. Avoid places with smoke, as this can worsen dry eye symptoms. 



Apply a Warm Compress



Placing a warm, moist compress over your eyelids can help soothe your eyes and reduce dry eye symptoms. The compress can cause the eyelids to increase the production of lipids, boosting tear quality and relieving dry eye symptoms. Use warm water, mild soap, or baby shampoo to wash your eyelids before applying the compress. You can do this every morning or evening. 



Getting Dry Eye Treatment



If you suffer from dry eye, getting treatment will help reduce symptoms during the fall. Your doctor can recommend the best treatment depending on the underlying cause. If your dry eye is due to excessive blepharitis or eyelid inflammation, the doctor may recommend BlephEx®. Other treatment options are LipiFlow® therapy, punctal plugs, scleral contact lenses, and steroidal drugs. 


Blinking regularly can help keep the eyes moisturized by renewing the tear film. If you spend hours working on the computer, remember to blink frequently. It is also vital to take frequent breaks to rest the eyes. 


If you experience dry eye symptoms, get a proper diagnosis to find the most effective treatment. Diagnosis will help determine whether you have a dry eye condition or seasonal allergies. 


For more on managing dry eye during the fall, visit Gregg Family Eye Care at our Secane or North Wales, Pennsylvania office. Call (215) 699-2020 or (610) 831-4300 to schedule an appointment today.

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