What Is Sports Vision Therapy?

What Is Sports Vision Therapy?

What Is Sports Vision Therapy?

Vision is more than seeing clearly. It involves 17 visual skills that enable precise and accurate eye movements. The skills enhance your eyesight and make you comfortable in different situations. You can use your peripheral vision, sustain focus on a moving target, and focus between target points at varying distances.


These visual skills enhance your reading, writing, and sports performance. Sports vision therapy works on improving these skills in athletes. It also helps them excel in their sport.


Focus on Sports

Sports vision therapy focuses on the skills that are specific to sports. It concentrates on skills that improve an athlete’s performance. Thus, tennis players will emphasize skills that will enhance their hand-eye coordination. A golfer will focus on depth perception and visual alignment.


If you notice trouble improving your game, it may be due to a visual problem. Sports vision therapy may be your solution.


Signs That You Have a Vision Problem

Several signs may point to vision problems affecting your sports performance. The most obvious may be the inability to see the ball clearly and difficulty catching or throwing a ball. These two indicators make it hard to compete in team sports and may give you an aversion to them.


Other signs include:

  • Poor sports performance even though you may have strong athletic skills.
  • Under- or overestimating distances.
  • You may not notice an improvement even with practice.
  • You may have trouble remembering plays.


These problems may diminish your interest in sports. They may cause you to stop participating in games. If you see any familiar signs, you need to try sports therapy before quitting.


What Happens During Sports Vision Therapy?

Sports vision therapy provides a comprehensive approach to visual skill development. It prioritizes athlete vision care. The first thing that happens when you enroll for sports vision therapy is getting a vision assessment.


Athlete Vision Assessment

The doctor will first conduct an assessment to evaluate your visual skills. It is necessary so that they can know the level where you will start your therapy. The vision assessment differs from an eye exam because it is specific to sports visual skills.


The doctor will compare your results to those of elite, professional athletes and come up with your profile.


Vision Profile

The vision profile is a sports-specific overview of your visual strengths and weaknesses. The doctor considers the position you play and the level you desire to compete. They will prescribe competition-specific correction, which will allow you to achieve better than 20/20 visual acuity. It will be the foundation for your training program. It also allows your doctor to tailor it to your specific needs.


Individualized Sports Vision Therapy

Individualized programs provide specific vision therapy. It caters to your needs and enhances and develops your vision for peak performance. You will work one-on-one with a professional sports vision training coach. They will help you work on your deficits and improve on areas of weakness. They will meet you at your level and elevate your skills.


For more information on sports vision therapy, call Gregg Family Eye Care at (610) 831-4300 to reach our office in Secane, Pennsylvania.

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