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The Difference Between Dry Eye and Allergies

Differentiating between dry eye and allergies can be challenging and frustrating, especially because both have similar symptoms like irritation that may result in eye redness. To further complicate things, allergies may irritate the eyes and cause dry eyes. It may also happen that you have a dry eye disease, and in come allergies to exacerbate symptoms and make it worse.

When to Start and When to Stop Myopia Management in Children

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is one of the most common eye conditions. It usually starts in childhood and presents detrimental effects on kids’ lives. Unfortunately, pediatric eye doctors are diagnosing an increasing number of children with myopia more than ever before. Having this condition means that objects close to you appear clear while those at a distance appear blurry. 

What’s the Difference Between an Eye Exam and a Contact Lens Exam?

If you are considering getting contact lenses, you will need to let your eye doctor know. This is because you will need to undergo a contact lens exam in addition to your comprehensive eye exam. There is a difference between a routine eye exam and a contact lens exam. 

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